The Burlington Core Precinct is the area downtown defined by Victoria Avenue at the north end to Lakeshore Road in the south and the west edge of Locust Street to the eastern Martha Street border. See Map.

The Core Precinct was defined by the City of Burlington within its submission of the Official Plan for growth to the Province of Ontario. Planning for intensification and growth was broken up into precincts. Each precinct has clearly defined goals and zoning laws which were put in place to manage growth.

The Core Precinct was scheduled for more growth than other areas but it was clearly stated to be controlled to within the 4 story maximum without community benefits, and 8 stories maximum with benefits.

These guidelines were concluded at a great cost of time and money — through the effort of residents, businesses and the city to work toward an agreeable plan. The plan was ratified by three levels of government including city council (in 2006), Regional Council, and the Province, and already takes into account intensification requirements. We can meet our obligations to intensify by following our existing provincial approved Official Plan and Zoning.

Since that time the city has been under constant pressure from big developers to change the law and build higher and more densely — well beyond what our leaders and residents agreed to.

Official Plan: http://cms.burlington.ca/Page846.aspx#.VCxx4CldVsw

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