What is BIG?

What is BIG?

This. This is Really Big.

It’s hard to imagine the scale of 28 Stories. And really, once something is tall it’s tall.

That said what many people are concerned about is scale as it compares to other structures since this is the basis for judging a building’s relevance to the neighbourhood, or relationship to gradual growth.

The zoning of our Core Neighbourhood’s 4 stories was established as a tool to responsibly manage growth, keep buildings in relationship to others, and allow neighbours and stakeholders a voice in what type and scale of building will be allowed to proceed.

ADI Developments has proposed a 28 Story building for Burlington Downtown which will dwarf the 23 and 17 story buildings near it. The 23 story building across Lakeshore and on the lake is in itself a massive overbuild compared to the area and which has set a precedent of a “go for it” climate in big building downtown.

This massing graphic provides a view of various structure heights downtown including a typical 4 story and our City Hall. See how the 4 story and City Hall compare. 28 Stories is big, really, really big.

What Can You Do?

1. Say no to massive overbuilding at the October 9th public meeting: http://cms.burlington.ca/AssetFactory.aspx?did=32273

2. Inform the city that you do not want massive builds despite the promise of “Community Benefits” — that the past community benefits have not been beneficial, have not consistently been fulfilled and most of all are not a fair deal when compared to the negative, long term effects of massive builds on our community and culture.

3. Demand transparency during the development proposal process with the city. Ensure the decision makers at the city discuss community benefits in public, not behind closed doors. On the table means in the public view and based on what the public desires.

4. Hold the city and developers to task for their past failures — failures of allowing abusive builds that creep up in size after proposal process, and community benefits that shrink after the development approval stage. Tell the city that his is serious business and it’s fraud.

5. Elevate this build, and big builds to that of an election discussion — challenge our leaders with the question of whether they are for or against big builds and the process of community benefits in exchange for zone changes and big builds.

Attend the October 9th Meeting

A public meeting is being held at :

Art Gallery of Burlington
Shoreline Room
1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington