The Core Residents have established a number of key goals for the group as they relate to the effort of working with the city on issues that affect life downtown.

1. To encourage a better civic process between residents, the city and developers

2. To demand reasonable accountability in the current development process

3. To re-establish a quality of life first approach to viewing the effects of building in the Burlington Downtown Core

4. To build a strong voice for residents within the Burlington Downtown Core

5. To exercise our role within the civic process as it relates to development, intensification and other urban issues effecting quality of life

6. To ultimately mould the future of the downtown as it develops in response to intensification

7. To welcome and work with developers on projects that accord with the existing Official Plan and Zoning, as well as provide a mix of housing options at a range of price points, flexible retail and relevant office space

To connect with the group and participate as well as be informed of public meetings — email us at: info@coreresidents.ca

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