UPDATE: Saxony to go higher

Surprise! Saxony Developer has submitted application for more height!

Landform Group, the developer for the 4 story new build at Elgin and Blathwayte has recently approached the city to claim that they are in stress and want 2 more floors to make make up costs associated with construction delays and unforeseen costs such as contaminated soil.

This request will require amendments to both the City’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law. This means a zoning change.

City staff have accepted a revised application and concluded that they will not hold a public meeting to discus the application and implications, rather they will only allow the public to speak at a meeting toward the end of the process. This meeting, to be held in January, will be when staff present an information report to the Planning & Development Committee. We are told that residents will not be allowed to ask questions at this meeting.

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward has offered to host a neighbourhood meeting over the application in December and a date is being set. If you wish to attend, please contact us through the comments below or via email — info@coreresidents.ca


This appeal from Landform Group is a premeditated plan that they’ve been waiting to roll out as soon as the atmosphere in city planning and council shifted to an atmosphere of favouring more height and density. And as we’ve seen with the recent decision by council to approve a 23 story building on Brant Street and scrap the downtown zoning law of 4 to 8 stories, this time is now.

The Saxony is already marketing the building at the new 6 story height. They clearly believe that the will get this application approved in light of the precedent set with the 23 Story building at Brand and James street by Carriage Gate.

Furthermore, the new design deviates dramatically from what Landform presented to the community during the early days of the application — taking advice and cue from neighbours concerned with fit. This effort is gone.

If there is any validity to Landform’s claim of distress and it has in any way influenced the city’s review of the application, then we must tell the city that they should not set a precedent of assisting developers in financial matters. Historically the city has not assist businesses who’ve made poor decisions and ended up in stress or failure and so they should not make accommodation for this billion dollar revenue business from Ottawa that has come here to market a condo product and tripped along the way.

Please attend or add your voice to the meeting with Marianne in December and again for the January meeting and send a message that you want the city to uphold the zoning laws and respect your voice.

Stay tuned.


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