Proposed 28 Story Building Downtown

Proposed 28 Story Building Downtown

If you live downtown. Or, live in Burlington. Or hey, live in the GTA and care about how your city council, planning and decision makers work with development to arrive at outcomes where 28 story buildings can be proposed and approved when only 4 stories are zoned, then this is important.

October 9th City and Public Meeting

On October 9th there is a meeting with city staff, a developer and you — to discuss the proposal made by ADI Developments to build a 28 story building at the bottom of Martha Street. This is a big building.

But more than a building, this is a precedent.

With the success of the Lakeshore East building complex achieving 23 stories and “Jewel” status, this ADI building is testing the waters for the next big wave of development to by-pass the previous mark and go for wide open heights. And these heights won’t be restricted to downtown. In fact, a similarly sized building is proposed for Appleby Line and New Street!

It doesn’t have to be. The laws set in place state that downtown’s zoning is for 4 stories maximum height with 8 stories maximum allowable if the developers pitch in “community benefits”. So it is up to us to hold the city to their promise as defined within the City’s Official Plan.

It is all of our responsibility to ensure that the city stands by the law and we back up our council when we ask them to stand by their previous council’s decision to have ratified the Official Plan.

Be counted, Speak Out

Let’s show the city we are behind them in defending the 4 story zoning. Let’s be counted in numbers and voices on October 9th and tell the city and the developers that we love our downtown and don’t want to see it destroyed by overbuilding.

Let’s tell the city that the process is failing us and that they have a responsibility to be more transparent.

Let’s tell the city that the process of allowing developers to build higher and higher in trade for community benefits is not benefitting us or improving the quality of life in our city.

Let’s tell the city and the developers that are watching that the process around community benefits is flawed and outmoded. That the process allows developers to take advantage of the city and residents by abusing the system, distorting our laws and then not delivering what was promised.

October 9th, let’s all be counted.