Please comment to the city

Please comment to the city

ADI Developments has proposed a 28 Story Residential Building for the base of Martha Street. Such a development, if approved, will require the city to alter its course of intensification planning goals of 4 to 8 stories, and grant an extreme exception to the developer by way of a zone change for height among other requirements. The city has a clock to watch — they must gather technical information and solicit input from the surrounding community, build a report and vote on the yes or no of the development within 180 days of the September application.

Comments Due by November 14th

The city has asked us a favour. A critical part of the process is community input. Seriously. They weigh community input quite heavily but they need lots of it — from you. The key is that if the city votes down the development, the Developer will certainly take the case to the OMB. It’s at those proceedings that this municipal court reviews community input with even more weight. Furthermore, if the city votes in favour of the development and the community decides to take the case to the OMB, it’s the community that needs the registered comments on their side to present an argument that the development flies against the will of the people.

So please comment. Write a letter of your reason why you believe the development is not fitting the area.

Many great arguments against such a development have been discussed. The downtown core zoning was established to meet the city’s intensification and economic goals. The current zoning guideline focuses on reasonable zoning for reasonable buildings.

Some arguments:

1. The City of Burlington’s current downtown zoning goals were designed to meet the provincial grow within guidelines for intensification while balancing Burlington’s economic and cultural goals. These are reasonable zoning guidelines for reasonable buildings. The ADI Development proposal is simply an abuse of the city’s zoning for the downtown core.

2. The ADI Development proposed for the downtown core is excessive in every regard while dramatically under-delivering the type of benefit the city and people of Burlington desired from building when they established the Official Plan for the area. The plan called for true mixed uses of land as well as genuine mixed use within the buildings which isn’t delivered with the ADI proposal. The plan called for parking minimums for residential that aren’t met by the ADI proposal. The plan called for maximum heights of 4 stories (to 8 max) to meet human scale typical of economically thriving downtowns while balancing industry established energy and usage efficiencies of building — which the ADI Development does not deliver.

3. The proposed ADI Development is not considerate of the tight scale of the Burlington core with regard to vehicle or bicycle traffic or pedestrian safety and ease. The intense and high volume traffic needs of the structure from residences as well as heavy maintenance and service needs will overwhelm the surrounding zone. Burlington’s Official plan was knowledgeable and considerate of the needs of the core when setting reasonable sized building goals. The ADI Development is not considerate of the goals and will cause immense stress on the area.

Please Write – It is critical Before November 14th

Send your letters via email or postage to:

Rosa Bustamante, Development Planner
phone: 905-335-7600 ext. 7811


426 Brant St.
Burlington, On.
L7R 3Z6