OMB Hearing: ADI vs. Burlington — Monday March 14

OMB Hearing: ADI vs. Burlington — Monday March 14

The Ontario Municipal Board hearing for ADI Developments vs. the City of Burlington starts Monday.

Hearing Date: Mar 14/16

Location: Burlington City Hall Room 247

Time: 10 a.m.

The Public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

In 2014, ADI proposed a 28 storey building on a property zoned for 4 storeys at Martha and Lakeshore Rd. City Planning Staff as well as Council unanimously rejected the proposal on the grounds that it represented overbuilding of the site and poor planning. ADI immediately launched an appeal to the OMB to attempt to use the court system to push their project onto the Town and into your downtown.

28 Story Massing

The community has been overwhelmingly opposed to the proposal. During initial public consultation hosted by the city of Burlington, ADI refused to work with City staff and the community to bring a more appropriate proposal to redevelop this site in a manner that is compatible with the current zoning and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Residents, this is your opportunity to show your support of your downtown and neighbourhoods. By attending, you send a message that you will only support reasonable development of this site.