Oct 12 — Critical Public Meeting

Oct 12 — Critical Public Meeting

ADI Developments is continuing their assault on our downtown and our by-laws with their efforts to build a 26 story building at the corner of Martha and Lakeshore Road. They are taking things a step further and attempting to change our city’s Official Plan and Zoning By-Laws.

While their building application is being apposed by the people and city of Burlington at the OMB, this ongoing court case is only for the original application of their proposed mega build as it relates to not conforming with our Official Plan, form rules and by-laws.

To bully and circumvent the process they are now attempting to distort the fundamentals of our town’s building rules by changing them! We all need your support by attending a meeting on October 12th to deliver a resounding NO and show of care for your neighbourhoods.


For more background information: http://www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/adi-developments374-martha-street.asp