March 30 - Public Meeting

March 30 – Public Meeting

Help say no to 28 Story Development Downtown

Where: City Hall March 30th 6:30pm Council Chambers, Level 2, City Hall

It’s that time!

This Monday March 30th City Planning Staff meet with City Council to consider the proposed ADI 28 Story Development at 374 Martha Street.

As you may know the development application for 374 Martha Street by ADI Developments Inc. proposed a gross overbuild of the Martha and Lakeshore corner site which would require a number of precedent setting amendments as well as motion a considerable stake in the ground for a sea change of attitude toward building for building’s sake in downtown Burlington and Burlington as a whole.

A great deal is on the line. We need to see you Monday for your support that this type of development as well as ADI Developments’ bully approach is not what we need as a growing city. If you wish to delegate, please register in advance by emailing Lisa Palermo ( at the city or by voice at 905-335-7600 x7492. Only those pre-registers may speak.

During this meeting, the staff will comment on the proposed amendment changes and present their opinion as to the appropriateness of what has been requested by ADI.

The staff are recommending that the amendments be refused.

The staffs recommendations to refuse ADI is a great step however the final decision stands with council and council needs to hear from you. City Council stands at the precipice of an OMB process as we all know here. If Council is to defend a staff recommendation at the OMB, they need to know you support refusing this project.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that ADI might negotiate to avoid an OMB process. This could involve redesigning and resubmitting their plans to arrive at a compromise between ADI and the City with regard to the necessary amendments. In this case you are especially important to assert the degree to which you believe this project is inappropriate. You need to tell the City and the developer that you want reasonable plans that address the needs of the downtown as well as the Official Plan.

Please attend the meeting. Please write to the city and if you wish, please delegate and focus the message on next steps:

1. We stand on wanting reasonable developments as per zoning heights and the Official Plan

2. Residents and City should not negotiate with ADI Developments; trading height and use amendments in exchange for the bait of community benefits is wrong because this process is broken and has been proven not to benefit residents or the City: (See

The city and council need your support toward next steps.

To review the staff report as well as the agenda for the evening visit: