Jan 19 - Zoning Amendment Meeting

Jan 19 – Zoning Amendment Meeting

Ok folks, here we go

Meeting Date: Monday January 19th
Time: 6:30pm
Where: City Hall Council Chambers, Level 2

Documentation: See Link Here

On Monday January 19th, the Development and Infrastructure Committee of City Council is holding a statutory public meeting to consider a proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law amendment.

This is in response to the recent application made by ADI Developments to build a 28 Story building at the corner of Martha Street at Lakeshore. In order for the building to move forward, the city has to approve changes to the Official Plan and change the By-Laws.

During the meeting they will discuss the staff report on the plan and zoning that will be released on Monday January 12th.

The council will also listen to the public who wish to speak. They have invited delegations who register in advance in writing to Rosa Bustamante: rosa.bustamante@burlington.ca

Please Attend

This is a critical meeting. Attending this meeting and voicing your support for the Official Planning that maintains 4 stories for this property will tell the city that downtown core and Burlington residents alike are not in favour of this mega style of build as an approach to intensification.

During the last public meeting, where easily 100 core residents were in attendance to see the plans for the mega building, the overwhelming consensus was that this building is a travesty and we are having it shoved down our throats as residents of Burlington. It was clearly voiced that people are already tired of the tactic by vertical developers to go for big, well in excess of what is allowed or rational — and then claim that the city has a moral responsibility in the name of intensification and business.

The residents — among who were sophisticated local business people, lawyers, planners, professionals, labourers, community leaders, retirees, students, parents, shop keepers — asserted that they didn’t want to change the Official Plan and that the 4 story zoning was a good decision by previous councils because this is sufficient to provide responsible growth, business opportunities and development income for the city and on trend with other successful and responsible municipalities around North America that have figured out that height is not necessary for a healthy local economy.

Demand Better

There is a problem here and we all know it. Our city council has shown signs of acting dysfunctionally due to allowing their personal differences between councillors to get in the way of rational, responsible governance. What this means to the downtown core is that council just might vote to allow the changes to zoning simply because the downtown Ward 2 councillor Marianne Meed Ward has gone on record of saying that:

1. Marianne Meed Ward supports the official plan

2. Marianne Meed Ward does not support the ADI Developments 28 Story Application for 374 Martha Street

The issue with council voting against our councillor out of spite is that in doing so will set a precedent across the entire city of allowing development companies like ADI to change zoning wherever they want to suit their own business plans and agendas. The lack of cohesion of council is leading to poor decisions which can easily create a permanent negative legacy.

What can you do? Please reach out to the other councillors and Mayor and tell them how you feel about the development and compel them to put aside their differences and vote for what the people want — rational respectful developments and support of the existing zoning and planning.

Get in Touch

Please sign up for emails. This is our best way of staying connected and being a larger voice. Please also comment and support a dialogue in this city. This is not religion. It’s not taboo. It’s about the way we want to live and we have a choice that we can exercise. So get involved, tell your neighbours to get involved and connect.

Stay tuned.