DEC 13 - ECOB Meeting

DEC 13 – ECOB Meeting

ECOB is a new Burlington Residents Association that wishes to help build a better Burlington.

Recently your city council members with the exception of Marianne Meed Ward and Mayor Goldring voted in favour of a 23 story hi-rise condo complex to be built at the corner of James Street and Brant Street. This precedent setting decision busts open our 4 to 8 story zoning protection in the downtown forever. This council’s vision has become clear that it is to pave the way for planning and developers to replace all the buildings with hi-rise condos and make the area a transportation/mobility hub.

Already this move has enabled bullish landowners to turf their retail store tenants in preparation to build high. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Anise Apothecary, Centro Garden, Looney Tunes and more along the blocks from Elgin north to Ontario have been either ejected or are on notice.

The culture of Downtown and the heart of Burlington is at stake. This is it. Last chance folks.

What can you do?

Come to the meeting on December 13th and support ECOB’s mission to appeal council’s decision at the OMB.

What else?

Start asking the tough questions of why your councillors wanted to kill downtown. Put them to task. Write them. Email them. Call them. And remember, 2018 is a voting year and if you want to keep your Downtown Burlington on track for positive cultural growth and responsible level headed development, then vote for change at the polls.

Vote for councillors that feel the same sense of value for their city and downtown as you do.

Meeting Date: December 13, 2018

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Place: Burlignton Baptist Church
2225 New Street, Burlington