ADI 28 Story OMB Prehearing

ADI 28 Story OMB Prehearing


This coming Monday July 13th, Burlington City Hall is host to an OMB Prehearing to review the case between the City of Burlington and ADI Developments. Late last year ADI Developments submitted an application to build a 28 Story Tower at 374 Martha Street and Lakeshore Road. Following the City application review process, area residents, City Council and their Planning Department rejected the proposal on the grounds that it was an extreme overbuild for the area.

ADI Developments was well prepared and awaiting the opportunity to take their case to the Ontario Municipal Board — a tactic they and other tower developers have used to push through height projects that they know are beyond what municipalities will rule favourable for their city.

If you wish to attend the proceedings, please ensure you arrive ahead of the start time as this is a legal preliminary hearing.


Prehearing 13 Jul 2015

Time: 10:00 AM

Where: City Hall Room 247 — 426 Brant Street Burlington ON L7R 3Z6

Note: Individuals should appear at the start time of the proceedings.

OMB Contact: Raymond Borja, Case Coordinator, Planner, (416) 326-5358